I’m Getting There With CBD

When I think back to who I was a year or two ago, not just like career wise but brain and health wise, I am doing so much better. I don’t have outbursts, I don’t yell and scream or break things (aside from when it was pulled out by my mother who I’m pretty sure... Continue Reading →

2 Weeks With CBD Edibles

So I got some CBD isolate from cbdinstead.com, the website that I have recently started working for. I don’t get any extra money for writing about it on my personal blog, so this is not a plug. I am just miserable and have spent months researching a chemical that has proven time and time again... Continue Reading →

A Week With CBD

I’ve been taking CBD for a week, and it’s just kind of weird so far. I know I’m not taking enough, I can feel it. And the feeling is interesting enough to tell you about it. I can feel anxiety like it’s in the other room. You know during the holidays when you escape to... Continue Reading →

I Couldn’t Do It Myself

It’s an odd feeling being on the brink of reality. Being enclosed in a soft bubble that can pop at any moment. Surrounded by the drowning screams of your own reality. It’s safe in the bubble, so I don’t like to move. That what happens when I start to feel normal. I almost freeze up... Continue Reading →

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