I Was Racist In High School

I was racist in high school. I didn’t hate minorities, but I was a regular white comedian. I made jokes that if I were to say them today, I would probably throw up before I could get the words out. To give you a picture, my nickname in High School was Pitler. I was the... Continue Reading →

I Believe People Can Change

I know people can change because I’ve done it. I’ve gone from good to bad, and back to good again. Being familiar with the whole cycle has helped me gain a type of empathy I wouldn’t have known if my life wasn’t filled with mistakes. When I was growing up, I was a bright and... Continue Reading →

The Gaming Community Language

I've recently analyzed my love-hate relationship with the gaming community. It is a place I feel most at home, yet so on the outside at the same time. When I am playing Overwatch with a good sized team and we rake through matches and we are laughing and encouraging each other and working as a team... Continue Reading →

I’m Bored Of Everything

I don't know if it's my depression or not, but I'm beginning to think not. I used to think since a symptom of depression isn't enjoying anything you love it has to be that, but I'm wondering if it isn't just depression that's doing this, but awareness. It all started when I was playing Mad... Continue Reading →

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