Welcome to my blog about being a sad hippy with Borderline Personality Disorder. I appreciate you taking any amount of time out of your day and spending it on me.

Having Borderline Personality Disorder is not something I generally wave around. Thanks to the stigma, I generally don’t tell anyone I struggle with it. The problem is there are so many people struggling internally, and maybe if we were a bit more out spoken, we can be there for each other. This is me being outspoken about it, and hoping that maybe it helps someone out a bit.


One of the greatest tools in combatting a mental illness that I have found is knowledge. Putting a name to that monster that gnaws at your chest, being able to point the finger at something other than yourself for once, and finding ways to use this knowledge to your advantage are great coping mechanisms. I mainly study Borderline Personality Disorder because it is the most relevant to my life, luckily there are many other illnesses with the same symptoms and I can help you understand those as well.


We live in frustrating times, and my words fall on deaf ears constantly. This is where I put my self-titled wisdom, and explain a perspective I believe should be considered on issues.


It’s a constant battle, it seems. But you aren’t alone. Luckily there are plenty of studies released, and plenty of doctors who have literature on coping with your illness. This portion of my blog is my compiled findings of advice that actually works for me or other people. Yes, breathing can help. If you do it right.

newproject_7_original (2)

I read a lot, try many exercises, but I’m still messed up. Messed up enough to show the world in hopes that someone might know something I don’t. If you have any insight while reading my troubles, please do share.

Thank you!

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