Stop Asking Me To Smile

Some days, I’m lucky to get out of bed. To wake up into a world that puts me down, judges me, laughs at me, rolls its eyes at me, and makes sure that any moment I have confidence is fleeting. This isn’t just because I’m a woman, men walk into that world everyday too. Don’t... Continue Reading →

Waiting Room Chairs

I've been in and out of mental health hospitals and therapy groups and inpatient programs and out patient programs and court ordered therapy and all that jazz. I've seen the mental health world from almost all sides. Which is pretty neat, but it really really sucked while I was gaining all of this knowledge. But... Continue Reading →

Why Prisoners Stay Prisoners

About two-thirds of the arrested population find themselves back in jail. About 45% of federal inmates are rearrested within the first five years of their release. Criminals with a high-school diploma are 10% less likely to be rearrested, however, 40% more likely than convicts with college degrees. Also, over half of the male inmates have... Continue Reading →

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