“Size 0 Is Not A Size”

— I’m going to level with you before you read this. I was really angry when I wrote it. When you have BPD, you get triggered. And your emotions can get the best of you. I wanted to delete this post because I was so embarrassed by my reaction to a dumb tweet that wasn’t even directed at me. They truly were only talking about having body positivity for all sizes, and just so happened to use this sentence which is a trigger for me. This blog has been scheduled for several days and I keep pushing it back worried I look so stupid. But anyway, yeah, here’s me being angry.—

Yeah. I know. I’m so tired of people telling me. Well, not telling me, but proclaiming from their social media rooftops. Real women have curves, right. Okay. Cool. I’ll just sit over here in my 12-year-old boy body while you tell me how much of a waste of space I am.

I get that the world wants everyone to look skinny. But I guarantee you that the people you claim are a size 0 are in fact around a size 3. Something I am desperately trying to achieve, and you know what? It still won’t be good enough for you because I embody a standard that is unobtainable for most. I’m not sorry that my body type is different from yours. I’m not sorry that people starve themselves to look like me because I never told them they had to (I feel like this sounds like I don’t care about eating disorders, and that isn’t the case. I’m just not taking the blame for it.). I thought everyone was fine the way that they were as long as they were happy and healthy. I thought everyone was freaking beautiful. ESPECIALLY THE THICK GIRLS. Why? Because they were a different type of beauty, I could appreciate. You are telling people they have to look a certain way to matter. And that’s messed up.

I get that our world is trying to push skinny on everyone. Well, not really so much anymore. I notice because it went from everyone showing pictures of people who looked like me saying they were pretty, and now my body type is usually replaced with a colorful image of a bag of bones next to a sultry woman in size 16 with large breasts a huge butt and plump lips for the kissin. Why do you do this? Oh, also, something about dog bones. I remember one that made me super upset comparing my body to bones for a dog. Thanks, ladies.

I absolutely love that there is more inclusion in the modeling and acting industry. An industry where you have to be beautiful to succeed and girls in their size 24 are rockin it and looking fabulous. But I don’t see the need to make fun of women like me to climb up this stupid ladder of vanity.

I have to work just as hard as anyone trying to lose weight to gain it. If I get to a size three, I will be beautiful. I will be a real woman. I don’t need your curves. My A frame body pulled straight out of 1995 IS good enough. Stop pushing your insecurities onto me. I don’t need that garbage.


–See? Sad Hippy turned Angry Hippy turned Ashamed Hippy–

4 thoughts on ““Size 0 Is Not A Size”

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  1. I was a size 0 two years ago and now I’m a size 8/10… people would tell me I was unhealthy and I needed to gain weight. I was comfortable with my body, why weren’t they? I also had no boobs or butt. I only gained weight everywhere because I had a baby and haven’t lost it all still 8 months later. And i am trying to get back to my smaller size. I’m not ashamed of my body… But I’m not comfortable with it. I like being thinner and more tone. It’s my preference. Weight isn’t anybody else’s business. Everyone is a particular weight for a reason and that reason is none of their business. Unless it’s to the point where they need to seek medical advice on either end of the scale (literally), you have no right to chime in about their body. I’m so sorry that triggered you and caused these feelings. It would have done the same with me.

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    1. 🧡🧡 thank you so much for sharing all of that. I really wish we could stop harping on each other for how we look. It’s so dumb. I feel like we start off in this life loving everyone, and the moment we start to look down on ourselves it becomes so easy to project it onto other people. Thanks for understanding. 🧡🧡

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  2. God some people right??? My mum and sister are both tiny and get this problem all the time being called skinny, anorexic (they aren’t) etc. I’m of very average size but developing much more muscle lately and upon mentioning it to another girl was told that a six pack isn’t attractive on a woman??? Can’t bloody win, can we? Happily I have started learning to be comfortable with my body but it’s deeply frustrating that other people are so judgemental!

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    1. Oh absolutely! If you are rockin a six pack, that’s like the epitome of health. We are either too fat, too skinny, or too toned. And yet we are still phased by everyone’s lack of appreciation for each other knowing we can’t please anyone ever. I hate the anorexic comments. And it’s usually a joke. Like an eating disorder is even something to laugh about in the first place. I wish we could change the way we speak to each other. Just speak with love and compassion. You rock your six pack. You’re sexy af ✊✊

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