2 Weeks With CBD Edibles

So I got some CBD isolate from cbdinstead.com, the website that I have recently started working for. I don’t get any extra money for writing about it on my personal blog, so this is not a plug. I am just miserable and have spent months researching a chemical that has proven time and time again that it can help me, so I tried it.

Cookie Brownies

So what I did was I put butter in a pot to start melting it. The boiling point of butter is 90°-95° F, which is essential because that freaked me out at first when I made it. I didn’t want the butter to be too hot because it could degrade some of the CBD. Which isn’t covered under my insurance, so it is kinda expensive. But the boiling point in CBD is 356° F, so even though the butter boils you are still good to go.

Once the butter melted and I let the CBD dissolve, I stirred it around a bit to make sure that it was completely mixed with the butter, I added it to the brownies and cooked them below CBDs boiling point.

When I first started, I couldn’t find anywhere how people were cooking their isolate into their butter. It would be like “Just add the cbd then do this.” I am someone who needs everything spelled out for me and I don’t make assumptions because they usually turn me into an idiot. So when mixing your CBD into butter, you can just put it into a pot and cook it and then stir the CBD in.

Why 500 MG

If you have ever gone through the trouble of finding an anti-depressant or any mental illness medication, it seems to be a battle of trial and error. And if the professionals do it that way, that is how I decided. So I spent one week only taking about 5mg of CBD twice a day by tincture. That eliminated my anxiety, but my depression was still there. I decided that if I made brownies at 500mg, I could cut it up into 24 small pieces and would get 20.888888888888(forever)mg per section, which is still a meager amount after taking 10mg in a way that gives the chemical more bioavailability.

Why Go To Edibles? Why Not Just Do More Tinctures?

What a very educated and well thought out question you just asked! The reason I want to switch to brownies is because I want something that is long lasting, not fast acting. This is why I will keep my tinctures because in a bind they calm me quickly. But the way edibles work, is they are fed to your system slowly as your body digests it. It makes its way into the bloodstream after going through several hoops in the digestive system. This makes it less potent, but it lasts longer. I don’t need a 1-minute calm down all of the time, I need an all-day hopeful sanity.


My anxiety is almost none existent, even without the tinctures. The only time I use them is when I first wake up (when the body’s cortisol levels are at it’s highest, so people who suffer from chronic anxiety always have excruciating mornings) and if I can feel a panic attack coming on, which is rare. I used to get a panic attack several times a day, these past two weeks I’ve had maybe 3.

My depression is still there. I tried one day of only eating half the brownie in the morning and a half in the afternoon, giving me 10.4mg twice a day, but my depression got worse. So I went back to 20mg in the morning, and I started taking 10mg in the evening.

Taking that extra bit helped the first day I did it. It didn’t eliminate my depression, but it definitely made me more lively. I usually sit in the corner of the couch curled up sad and tired watching Netflix until my husband gets tired and we go to bed. I often just wait until the next day because I don’t want to be in this one anymore. But that extra 10mg made me want to be there a little more.

I think I am going to up my second dose to 20mg as well. But I am going to wait a week until I have fully experienced the 30mg a day. If you are doing this at home, don’t bump up your meds by hundred of milligrams when it isn’t working. You can shock your system, you can have an adverse reaction, you have no idea what something can do to you. Even though this is one of the safest medications out there right now, your health is too important to just take wild and crazy guesses.


If any of you are taking CBD, I’d love to hear your experience.

4 thoughts on “2 Weeks With CBD Edibles

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    1. I cannot wait until I live in a state where I can do thc and cbd ratio. If you ever end up trying to help your anxiety with it, let me know how it goes for sure!


  1. Tried it; but am in a legal state so after a time, made the switch. Am starting to believe I need a 1:1 THC/CBD for optimal dosing. Never thought of edibles in this manner; or tinctures- so thank you. I smoke. And boy do I need to find another way. 🙂

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