A Week With CBD

I’ve been taking CBD for a week, and it’s just kind of weird so far.

I know I’m not taking enough, I can feel it. And the feeling is interesting enough to tell you about it.

I can feel anxiety like it’s in the other room. You know during the holidays when you escape to be by yourself for a while, but you know you have to go back out into the living room filled with screaming children and uncomfortable small talk? My anxiety is Christmas.

That’s weird.

I can feel it wants to hold presence around me so bad but it can’t for some reason. I can feel it even swell, like a balloon in my chest unable to pop.

So the anxiety is getting fixed. And that’s great. I’m only taking about 5mgs by tincture two to three times a day. I know I should have a stricter regiment so I can fully value the results, but I’m crazy I can’t do anything right sometimes.

My depression seems to be worse. But not because it’s stronger, I don’t think. I have the ability to force myself to do things, something I was unable to do before. I didn’t understand how people could just do laundry. It felt like a monumental task to me. But tasks are feeling a little smaller. And I can feel it.

My depression is getting worse because it misses anxiety. They are like two close friends who can’t stand being apart from each other. And they can work so well together.

When I’m depressed, my anxiety is what motivates me. The disgusting feeling in my chest doesn’t go away until a project is done. And it is usually so intense that it forces me to complete things.

That disgusting feeling is gone. It’s like I was using flames to lick the back of a horse’s hooves to get it to run, and now my embers have gone cold.

Yesterday I finally got my CBD isolate from the guy I write for. I’m going to put it into butter and make small snacks. Since the bioavailability is different depending on administration, I’m thinking about doubling the MGs per edible that I have been taking sublingually. You see, in your mouth, you can get like 40% of the drug while when you digest it, you only get 6%. BUT the whole reason you do edibles is that it lasts longer throughout the day. Like slow release and fast release pills, edibles are slow release and other methods would be fast release. I need slow for depression and fast for anxiety, so I’m going to try the edible method when I get all my supplies and let you guys know if I still suck or not.

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    1. The cbd oil that I’m taking right now I got from my local holistic shop. It’s just extra virgin organic cannabis oil with no THC. The brand is meta gen, something I’ve never even heard of. I was skeptical because I figured it was just trying to be CBD to sell, but so far I’ve had some good results.
      There’s this website that I go to only because I know the guy who runs it. They are in Colorado. I suggest buying from a legalized state. Not because you can get THC, because you can’t, but because they know more about it and have been in the industry of selling it and producing it longer.
      What I purchased from cbdinstead.com was cbd isolate. The brand is hemp health. It’s 99% pure isolate for making oils or edibles or whatever.
      I suggest even shopping around, but be careful because hemp seed is different from CBD but hemp oil is used interchangeably.
      I suggest reading some reddit forums as well, there are a lot of great testimonies and how tos when creating your own stuff.
      Hope this helped!

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      1. Hey thanks, that was really helpful. I have had a quick look on reddit the other day on the best ones to buy. It’s just quite expensive in the UK right now so I don’t want to waste money on something that’s not good quality.

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  1. I was very interested to hear of your experience! I manage a medical marijuana dispensary in CO, and I personally take CBD tinctures and gummies for headaches. The ones that I take do have THC in them, but the gummies are 10mg cbd and 1mg thc per gummy, so there is no “high”
    I would like to know how the isolate edibles work out! Thank you for the info 🙂

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    1. That’s awesome that it helps with your head aches! And congratulations on managing a dispensary. That’s gotta be so fulfilling. I can’t wait to make some food with mine, I will definitely update with results ☺️


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