My World Is Gray

It’s odd having Borderline Personality Disorder. The feelings are just odd. Extreme emotions, almost always inappropriate. When I hear about stories of drunk people, often times I have seen myself react similar completely sober just very excited or upset. I’m always battling myself, worrying, critiquing. But lately, depression has been taking the stage. What I’m... Continue Reading →

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Sometimes I’m Ungrateful

One thing I hate about my mental illness is what a princess it encourages me to be. (I'm trying to stop saying "my illness makes me" and I'm trying to say it encourages me. I just started doing it, I'll let you know if it helps at all.) I hate how I forget where I am,... Continue Reading →

I Just Want To Belong

Since taking CBD, I can recognize how much healthier I am. I went a day without it because we ran out and I could feel it. I wasn’t back to normal, but it was like I was falling off a cliff in slow motion staring at the ground that was once beneath my feet. But... Continue Reading →

“Me Too” I Say Quietly

I'm not ready to say "me, too" on Facebook, which is kind of funny because most of the people I am friends with know I am a victim of sexual assault. I am kind of weird when it comes to traumatic experiences, so everything is a joke to me in the public eye. I've told... Continue Reading →

2 Weeks With CBD Edibles

So I got some CBD isolate from, the website that I have recently started working for. I don’t get any extra money for writing about it on my personal blog, so this is not a plug. I am just miserable and have spent months researching a chemical that has proven time and time again... Continue Reading →

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