My World Is Gray

It’s odd having Borderline Personality Disorder. The feelings are just odd. Extreme emotions, almost always inappropriate. When I hear about stories of drunk people, often times I have seen myself react similar completely sober just very excited or upset. I’m always battling myself, worrying, critiquing. But lately, depression has been taking the stage. What I’m... Continue Reading →

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2 Weeks With CBD Edibles

So I got some CBD isolate from, the website that I have recently started working for. I don’t get any extra money for writing about it on my personal blog, so this is not a plug. I am just miserable and have spent months researching a chemical that has proven time and time again... Continue Reading →

Well… It Was Good News

I got some good news. That within the first month and a half of quitting my full-time job, I might be able to replace my previous income with a big client and several little clients. Which is crazy, because I’m paying my bills by doing something I love to do, write. I’m making enough to... Continue Reading →

My Little Gamer Dreams

I started playing video games before I could read. I know this because I would get so frustrated that I didn’t know what these dinosaurs were saying on this 8-bit game plugged into our 2 hundred pound computer in the 90s.   I was the little sister, so in the beginning, my controllers to the... Continue Reading →

A Week With CBD

I’ve been taking CBD for a week, and it’s just kind of weird so far. I know I’m not taking enough, I can feel it. And the feeling is interesting enough to tell you about it. I can feel anxiety like it’s in the other room. You know during the holidays when you escape to... Continue Reading →

I Couldn’t Do It Myself

It’s an odd feeling being on the brink of reality. Being enclosed in a soft bubble that can pop at any moment. Surrounded by the drowning screams of your own reality. It’s safe in the bubble, so I don’t like to move. That what happens when I start to feel normal. I almost freeze up... Continue Reading →

A Healthy Romance

Sometimes it’s difficult to chase a healthy relationship because you don’t know what that looks like. Many of us come from broken homes with single parents or parents who stayed together but were unable to demonstrate the appropriate way to have a healthy relationship. Many of us turn to our heroes on TV, Disney princesses... Continue Reading →

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